WHOLESALE Layered Gauze Blanket

WHOLESALE Layered Gauze Blanket

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Prepping for baby shower season? Stocking up for the arrival of your own babe? Filling the shelves of your small shop with cute baby goods? Whatever you are planning, our wholesale option is the perfect choice for buying our products in bulk! This buying alternative allows you to purchase five layered gauze blankets of the same color for a discounted rate of 30% off.

Our take on the layered gauze blanket. Designed to follow your babe from the crib to toddlerhood. This heirloom blanket makes a beautiful addition to your babe’s collection of essentials.

Made with four layers of our cotton double gauze fabric.

Measures 30 in. x30 in.

The colors available are shown in the last picture.

This listing includes a discounted rate of 30% for five layered gauze blankets. This order is designed for wholesale purchases. For any other wholesale inquires, feel free to contact us at sparrowbabyco@gmail.com.

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